About Us

RP Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. has been oriented since 1975 & now is a front line business institution in Bangladesh. It has been doing its been sincerely for 40 years with government, non-government and private division in Bangladesh. The Managing Director Mr. Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan of this company obtained the status by the Board of Revenue as a ‘Very Important Person’ (VIP) in the year 1991-1992 and he was regarded as the highest tax payer of the state. The nature of this company is a construction firm, real estate & agro-based. RP Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. intends to expand its business in diversified form (e.g. Education & Healthcare etc. with the high sense of community). Our foundation for the future is our continued success in safely delivering some of the Bangladesh's most groundbreaking projects -any project, any time, any place..