Northern Lion’s RP Tower

Construction of 9-storied “Northern Lion’s RP Tower” with 2-Basement in/c. Civil, Sanitary, Water supply, Gas Connection Installation, sanitation technology. Sub-station, Lift, modern Firefighting arrangement & CC TV network system  included and internal Electrification work.

Description of Works

Description of the Similarity in accordance with


Basement 9,67,59,297/-

Superstructure 22,04,20,844/-

Water supply & Sanitary 2,96,08,905/-

Electrical Sub-station 1,47,91,071/-

Lift 1,00,00,000/-

Fire hydrant 70,00,000/-

Area of per Basement: 19,693.39 sft.

Plinth area per floor: 18,950.61 sft.